I’ve never been to MIT, and after about a year of living in Boston, I think it was time to change that.  With my summer semester over and with some free time, I made a journey over with Meagan to explore some of the campus.  You might recognize her from a shoot I did in the fall called Kinetic.  This time it was more about portraiture and less about me jogging lightly to keep up with a girl on a longboard.

This was one of those shoots where we were battling mid-afternoon sun with varying cloud cover.  Most of the shots were done in the shade where the lighting was just right, almost to the point that you wouldn’t even recognize that this was shot on a college campus.  On another note, I think I’m going to try and shoot at wider angles.  The ~80mm portrait seems a bit overdone at this point.

Special thanks to Meagan for spending the better part of an afternoon getting dressed, doing her hair, and coming out for a shoot.  As a photographer, I sometimes forget how much effort it takes behind the scenes.

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