For those of you who didn’t know or are new to this blog, I made a post a long time ago about my posting schedule.  For the better part of a year, I posted at 10 am every Tuesday and Thursday.  And that schedule worked for me, especially during exam season.  But there were some problems with posting on a schedule like that:

  1. I was forced to make content.  That’s a good thing most of the time, because it makes me go out and shoot.  But on slow weeks I really struggled to find something to post, and sometimes the quality suffered because of it.
  2. My photoshoots became backlogged.  I would do a shoot, edit it, and schedule it, but because of other work I had queued up, it may have taken about two weeks for my photoshoot to go up.  But then my work isn’t really up to date anymore, and it bothered me.
  3. No one cares.  Because no one checks this blog regularly, it’s doesn’t make sense to schedule posts.  It makes more sense to just post content and notify people when it goes live.

So there it is! Why I’m deciding to quit my posting schedule.  I’ve actually been doing it for a while now, where I’ve missed the last few Tuesdays.

In the meantime, enjoy this photo I took of the Prudential Center.  All of the windows makes the whole face of the building look like an irregular puzzle, and I am absolutely a fan.


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