From an outsider looking in, it’s always interesting to watch a relationship evolve over time.  You witness the couple as they grow as individuals as well as a team from the very start.  I’ve witnessed this happen a couple of times, where some of them end in a break up.  And that’s okay.  But sometimes, two people just click so well that the relationship evolves from a flicker to a flame.  And then they get married.

As mentioned during my post earlier last month, two of my friends were getting married.  I spent the better part of a week deciding on whether or not I should bring my camera to their wedding.  I’m just a guest and they have professional photographers for something like that.  But in the end, I brought it with the caveat that I wouldn’t be on it the whole time.  I’ll take a few shots here or there, but the rest of the time would be spent with friends.

You might recognize a few familiar faces.

Do I regret bringing my camera? Just a little.  It would have been nice to be untethered and more in the moment with everyone.  Would I have rather left it in Boston?  Definitely not.  Moments like this is why people take pictures in the first place.  They don’t have the most ideal composition and nor are they super sharp or perfectly lit.  To outsiders, it doesn’t look particularly interesting, but they are to me.  They’re memories that need preserving.

Congratulations Sarah and Michael!  You both have achieved so much to be where you are today and will continue to do great things in the years to come.


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