Boston Shoot VI – Eyeball Edition

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Aside from celebrating with friends, I couldn’t pass up interesting exhibits and formal attire.  So when I was walking around with friends, I took the opportunity to do a mini-shoot in the middle of Eyeball.

First was the winding stairwell right at the entrance of the museum.  It’s a tricky spot to shoot in because of how close it was.  It did let me try shooting with different levels.  The second stop was in the light exhibit where we played around with colored lights/shadows.  At first it looked great in camera, but when I got home to look at the pictures I took, most of them were either too noisy or blurry to be used.  And as always, special thanks to Jessica and Sean for modeling for me.

Chances are, I’ll probably never have the same opportunity to do this in an empty Museum of Science.  Not too bad for doing this in the middle of a school event.

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