Taking pictures of strangers is never easy.  It is awkward, especially if they’re not of the camera to begin with.  But when a friend of a friend decided to see some sights in Boston, I volunteered to show Zainab around and also help document a bit of it.  We walked along the esplanade (where I did my Kinetic shoot), stopped at Acorn Street and Boston Commons (where I shot with some other friends).  We then finished the trip by stopping at the Skywalk Observatory, which is just two floors beneath the Top of the Hub, the restaurant I went to eat at for Dine Out Boston.

It’s always nice to revisit new places, especially with different lighting conditions.  Things always look better at sunset.  I’m glad I made the decision to show her around Boston.  I got to see the same places in a brand new way.

Plus I got to witness the best view of all of Boston.

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