Usually I like to put a bit of forethought into a shoot, mostly because I want to try something different every time.  I usually want to try a new location, different lighting, or a different style of shoot.  This time, it was back to the basics: 50 mm prime lens and a vast courtyard to shoot in as I raced against the clock to beat the setting sun.  No fancy prism.  No fairy lights.  Special thanks to Kristi for taking my photos a few minutes before and also modeling for me as the sun began to set.

Look familiar?

These shots were done after my own, so golden hour was quickly transitioning into blue hour.  I’m also starting to get a feel on shooting upwards to get some new better angles.  Lastly, I also edited a person out of the background in one of the photos.  There are some artifacts left over from my editing.  Comment below if you can spot which photo it was and where.  If it takes you a while, then it means I’ve done my job relatively well.

Sometimes gems arise from doing things on a whim.


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