Fenway Park is the oldest baseball stadium in the entire US (it opened in 1912).  To the untrained eye (like my own), it seems like any other ballpark.  But when I went to my first Boston Red Sox game this past Saturday, I noticed an abnormally high section of seating on the far side of the field.  The Green Monster is a wall that stands on the left field of Fenway Stadium.  It is a unique part of baseball history, in that it is the tallest wall of all the current stadiums and is a popular target for right handed batters.  From a layman’s perspective, I imagine it makes hitting home runs much more difficult.  I also witnessed a player smash a grand slam over the very same wall this game.

I didn’t attend a random Red Sox game on a whim.  I was there as part of a bachelor’s party weekend that was taking place in my own “backyard” of Boston.  The baseball game was part of the experience.  For me, I knew I wasn’t going to take too many photos during the weekend (I actually wanted to have fun with everyone else), but Fenway was the one exception.

I’d also like to congratulate the bride and groom to be.  I try not to post names on my blog without their permission, but chances are they are reading this and know who they are.

Swing for the fences.  You might be surprised at what happens.

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