Boston Shoot III – Chromatic Reflections

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A part of being a self-taught photographer is spending a good amount of time watching YouTube tutorials on photography.  I watch everything from shooting techniques to editing.  Some tips I came across included playing with light.  If you’ve followed my photography, I’ve done shoots with fairy lights before.  But a few weeks ago I purchased a prism.  When held in front of the lens, it can make for some neat effects.  Couple that with a CD and a cleverly placed flashlight, and you get some fun lighting.

So when I was working on my Perfect shoot with Airi, I brought my prism and CD to try and use them for the first time.  And what came straight out of camera was amazing.  A few adjustments later, and you have nothing short of magical.

As with any shoot, I will always wish I could’ve done more.  More poses, more angles, different directions of light, etc.  And with any shoot, I’m also content with what I was able to capture and what I learned.

Continue to grow.  Continue to create.

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