The weather forecast some snow and rain one morning a few weeks ago.  I didn’t really think much of it around 11 am when I had to get ready to go out.  It was snowing, except the snowflakes were surprisingly large.  So I decided to risk my gear to capture some sights of my commute to school while covered in a layer of white.

As someone that feels uncomfortable shooting in snow or rain without weather-proof gear, that day was an exception.  This was the last heavy snowfall in Boston for the winter, unless the heavens decides to drop snow on us in the middle of March.  It was so beautiful out that I tried to find a model last minute to take some portraits.  By the time I could get in touch with someone, the weather had changed to be a steady rain, so I missed that second opportunity to get a good shot.

At least I didn’t miss the first one.

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