November, 2017 – It’s been a while since I updated my portfolio (aka my favorite photos), so I decided to handpick some of them from the past few months.  The first photo, and probably my most favorite picture I’ve taken in the past 6 months is from back in November when it just started to get cold outside.  Some of the leaves have turned colors and the lake has yet to freeze over.

To make this, I masked out the background outside of the frame in photoshop, and dropped the saturation to make it black and white.  I also edited out a few birds in the water, as well as the rod that supported the frame.  I think the picture works much better with the frame just ‘floating.’  I’d like to try this shot again but with a person in the frame.  Logistically, I think I’d need a tripod for it, but that’s something for another day.

You can read more about how I took this photo here.

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