Isabella Stewart Gardner was a New Yorker turned Bostonian who dedicated a large portion of her life to art collection.  The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum is in the heart of Boston, right adjacent to the Museum of Fine Arts.  On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the museum was having free admission.  With a day off from class, I went exploring with two other friends.


The entrance of the museum is a modern building that houses a small 360 degree concert hall.  Here, they usually have live musical performances a few times a day.  I ended up coming after the last showing, so I was on the concert floor shooting up into the ceiling.


The museum itself was located around an indoor courtyard, which was absolutely beautiful.  Musicians played a few songs, including “When the Saints Go Marching In,” which I was singing for the rest of my time there.


As with any museum, most of of the exhibits were paintings that were hundreds of years old.  Photographing paintings is difficult – it takes away so much from the original piece, that it doesn’t do it any real justice.  So after a few failed attempts, I gave it up and enjoyed the pieces as they were.  If anyone is a fan of antique art or art history, I definitely recommend this museum.

Lastly, this is my first post that was completely black and white.

Oh Lord I want to be in that number.  When the saints go marching in.


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