New Year’s – The One Where We Took Flights

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Day two (or “New Year’s Eve-Eve”) would be spent mostly with a trip to a brewery for a large lunch and flights of beer.  The Wellenpaupack Brewing Company was surprisingly busy during our visit while still maintaining great service anyway.  Flights of beer were affordable and the food was also quite good.  When planning for the trip, I was promised a tour of the facility where I could hopefully capture some shots (inspired by Peter McKinnon’s B-roll footage of another brewery).  When we arrived, they weren’t having tours (probably due to the holiday.)  Nevertheless, I still swung my camera around and tried to capture what I could without looking too over the top for someone who brought a DSLR to a sit-down place to eat and drink.

The black and white shot was done with one of the pre-programmed modes in the camera.  I just discovered it while fiddling with some settings, and captured the grainy b&w aesthetic of the table.  I deleted a few others, but I figured this would be an interesting one to keep.

Raise a glass for 2018

The One with the Frozen Lake

The One Where We Took Flights

The One with Warm Company

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