Right before we went home for the holidays, three friends and I went over to the New England Aquarium to see the animals.  I’ve been meaning to go ever since I’ve moved here to Boston but never really had the chance to.  So right after our last final exam, we braced the snow and took the trip.  Naturally, I brought my camera to document the trip.

We ended up spending about two to three hours there, spending a good amount of time at each tank.  I took about 650+ photos, that I’ve whittled down to about 60 keepers.  And of those, I plan on picking my favorites to post later.  Because of the bulk, I’ve chosen to split it up into two posts.  The first will feature a few of my friends, and the second will be the animals themselves.

I would later learn that a large pane of soft blue light makes for interesting portrait lighting.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get notice it fast enough to take any great portraits.  I also didn’t forewarn my friends that I planned on taking photos of them either, so I resorted to candids.  And I think they came out great.

My personal favorites are the third and fourth photos.  The former has great contrast between them and the tank in front of them.  I just wish I angled it better so that the composition was a bit more symmetrical.  The latter is quiet and pensive — two things I haven’t been for most of December.

Happiness comes in waves.  And after a few weeks watching the tide recede, I’m starting to ride it back.

Read Part II Here

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