A few weeks back, Boston Commons held their annual tree lighting.  To say it was crowded was a bit of an understatement.  I went to the park about an hour and a half early to check out the area and grab as many free samples of different snacks and drinks as I could.  I then found a spot with a direct line of sight to the tree and set up camp for an hour in the cold to wait for tree to be lit.


I wasn’t over excited about my composition, and the fireworks made the photographs a mess of different exposures (one of the problems of having my camera on auto).  So it took me a while to get these pictures edited the way I like them.  The 4 second long exposure of the crowd was a fun one to take, mostly because it shows the bustle of the event with the cars smoothed out in the background.  And lastly, shout out to my good friend for modeling for me when I wanted to take picture of this big wreath of light.

Also, this is my last post before Christmas! So if you’re reading this on/around Christmas, I will probably be commuting back to New York or I will already be there with family.

Happy Holidays everyone!

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