If you’re reading this when it is posted, I am currently in the midst of finals week in graduate school.  It’s hands down the most stressful time of my year, even though I’ve already taken “finals” over a dozen different times in my life.  It never really does get any easier.

BUT, my school does something really neat.  They have therapy dogs to come pay us a visit a week before exams start as a form of stress relief.  There’s something extremely comforting about a black lab laying its head on your lap as you idly pet it’s head for a few minutes.


As an aside, animals are always tricky to photograph, mostly because they don’t listen to you.  If I had treats, I’m sure I could’ve gotten them to gaze more at the camera, but these were the best shots after 80ish photos taken.  Most of the rejects were photos of their butts because they just couldn’t be bothered with me.

I will forever be a dog person.  Dogs are loyal, adorable and avid listeners, which are all key traits to have in a partner when you’re stressed over taking a test.

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