I had the realization the other day that I consume so many photos over any given day from my social media platforms.  Aside from Facebook and Instagram, which are handpicked and curated photos that people put up from an event, I find photos from another social media to be a bit more organic: Snapchat.  Here, people broadcast their foods, activities, sights and sounds in 10 second blips.  They’re not overly edited (aside from the occasional fun filter) and most importantly, they’re extremely easy to take and share.

So I thought about the handful of snaps I send in a day and what message I tried to convey with them.  So I saved some of my favorite Snapchats to see what I got:


They’re not perfect or the highest quality, they’re just snapshots of what I what I want to share on my day to day.  And sometimes I want to share something beautiful.

Snapchat saw it first.

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