Usually when I’m commuting around Boston by myself, I have a habit of looking around and seeing what there is to take pictures of.  About 99% of the time, I see something and immediately dismiss it for one reason or another.  But sometimes, something catches my eye.


The park decided to put up two frames by the lake as a photo op for tourists.  I might have fallen for it.  I spent about 10 minutes in front of this frame to try and get this shot.  I tried my absolute best to get the frame perfectly straight and parallel with my lens.  In hindsight, I wish I took another shot to get the background in focus, and then I could blend the two pictures together in post-processing.  But on the other hand, the out of focus bridge and trees make it look exceptionally soft.  Almost paint-like.

Sometimes I think I worry too much about what the best shot is.

Sometimes I’m glad I took my time to make it right.

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