Illuminus is a contemporary light festival held in Downtown Boston featuring projection mapping and other different art installations.  When first arriving, I found the exhibitions a bit lacking, and I wish there were more to see.  But there were two exhibitions that I really did enjoy.

The first was the large geometric projection on the side of the building.  It cycled between different artists, but the one I managed to catch and stay for was “Geometric Sequence” by Devon Bryant.


And the other art exhibition was “Slow Dance” by Jeff Lieberman.  As someone who studies vision and has a gross understanding of visual perception, I really enjoyed the experience of seeing something move in “slow motion” and read the explanation on how we see it.


Moving exhibits doesn’t translate well to photographs, so you’ll have to take my word for it that these two exhibits were quite engaging to see.  I’m always willing to explore art exhibits whenever I can.

Especially if they’re free.

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