Boston Shoot I – Autumn in Boston

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Shortly after midterms, one of my friends wanted to walk around Boston and do a photoshoot.  I’m always ready and willing to photograph my friends, but it’s another thing when one of them specifically asks to model for a shoot.  If someone wants to model, it requires some more thought and effort to prepare for it.  Where should I shoot? What lighting is available?  What does my model want to get out of it?

So I figured out what I would want to shoot at 2 pm in the afternoon around Boston.  It’d mostly be areas with a lot of trees and fallen leaves to compliment her red jacket, and also an underpass with rustic-looking stone walls.  Fortunately, it was overcast that day, so natural light was very soft and even.  Margaret was also experienced, so I had to give minimal posing instructions.  Unfortunately, it was also sporadically raining, so I had to improvise locations that were under some bit of cover.

This was the most extensive street shoot I’ve ever done.

We ended up traveling between 3 different locations (our 4th was too crowded to shoot.)  Every shot was also taken with my 50mm (without the filter) and I am honestly extremely pleased with everything that I was able to capture wide open at f1.8.

As an aside, I’m really enjoying my first autumn in Boston.  It hasn’t gotten too cold too fast, and the leaves have really fallen out.  School will always be my priority, but I’ll definitely remember to take some photos whenever I have the chance.

Autumn… the year’s last, loveliest smile.      –William Bryant

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