Editing Exercise – Morning Commute

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I’m in a photo rut.  It’s not that I don’t feel inspired, it’s just that I haven’t found the time to go out and shoot once I got back from New York.  And because midterms are in full swing, I haven’t gotten out and enjoyed the weather.  I see the trees starting to turn, so as soon as I see the world glowing in red and oranges, I’ll be sure to go out and try and do an autumn shoot.

So instead I grabbed my camera and took it along during one of my morning commutes to school.  It’s very uneventful, but because the main street I walk down is bordered by large apartment buildings, my mornings aren’t filled with harsh daylight.  I got one shot of a teal Sesna parked on the sidewalk.  I decided to try and shoot it at a smaller aperture just to see what I can get with a wide depth of field.


Straight out of camera, I think it looks great.  The building to the upper left is definitely blown out.  The color palette is also great with the contrasting teal bike and red buildings.  Here’s my edit:


Quick correction of the exposure to make the buildings in the upper left more defined.  I muted some greens while boosting the reds and oranges in the leaves and buildings.  It looks subtly “vintage,” which is similar to the rest of my photos here.


This is a photo preset on Polarr entitled “Urbex”.  It makes things sharper, and definitely makes the bike pop more from its surroundings.  I like the appeal, but there’s too much detail lost in the brush that I probably wouldn’t go back to it.


And a black and white to make it feel charming and old-fashioned.  A dark vignette would’ve done it well too.

This was mostly to see what I like best when messing with colors, exposure, highlights and shadows.  This was more for me to branch out of my comfort zone when I don’t have the opportunity to shoot photos.

Which one is your favorite?

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