I went home for the weekend.  And I didn’t bring my camera.

I was only home for a few days and I wasn’t planning on going on anything “photo worthy” anyway.  The first few days were uneventful – mostly catching up with family and friends.  And then my brother told me that he was going hiking on Saturday and he invited me along.  When I thought about it, the fall colors should be at full bloom by now.

I really wish I brought my camera.


Turns out not everything was colorful, but I still think that I still went a little too early in the season.  If I waited a few weeks or a month, I can’t imagine what the view would have been with an entire mountain face covered in red and oranges.

I’m not one to do things last minute.  If I get invited to major events, I like to have a bit of a heads up so I can mentally prepare for these things, or at least prepare the proper clothes for an activity (which I didn’t do from Boston.)  But I still went, although I was unsure on how it was going to go (yes, I understand a hike up a mountain is pretty tame).  One of the best bits of life advice I can give someone is to just say yes to things, even if some bits of your mind says “I’d rather stay home and watch Netflix” or “I’d rather sleep in and relax.”  I’ve regretted not doing something more times than I can count.  Get out and see the world.

Say yes to things.  You may be pleasantly surprised at what happens.

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