One of the perks of the 77D is the attenuating screen.  I use it mostly to take low or high angle shots.  This was the first time I used it to take some headshots of myself.

I should also mention that my apartment doesn’t get a  lot of great lighting.  Right across my window is another apartment complex, so I have about a 3 hour window in the morning where I get direct sunlight through my windows before it travels behind the buildings.  One morning I saw the light and I thought I’d try getting over my phobia and get in front of the lens for a change.  Can you tell I like the “brooding” aesthetic?


A 50 mm focal length with a wide open aperture is perfect to take headshots.  I’ve learned this during my very first photoshoot on a beach.  I chose to underexpose all of the shots to really bring out the rays of sun falling on my face and neck.  This was also another editing exercise where I tried subtly adding the vastly overdone “teal & orange” aesthetic.  Honestly, I see the appeal.  But unless I’m shooting under direct, harsh sunlight, I’ll probably opt to not use the look.

Maybe I can get in front of the lens once in a while.

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