Two weeks ago I did a paid shoot for an event for the first time.  I took over 800 photos, and whittled it down to about 130 that I cropped and touched up.  Because it was shot for another person/organization, I don’t feel comfortable posting it here.  Although it was fun to run around and try and cover different parts of the event, I’ve realized that paid photography might not be for me.

I like to shoot for me.  I don’t like to publish photos that I’m not overly proud of.  So when I have the opportunity to shoot for fun, I’d try my best to take full advantage of it.  I don’t know when I’d have the chance to do it again.

These shots were of a good friend along the Charles River in Boston.  The light was low, almost approaching blue hour, so I really struggled to take the shots that I wanted. But honestly, I’m really happy that I got what I did.  I’ve been on a black and white kick lately and I think the river, sunsets and distant bokeh from Cambridge really pull it together.

Photograph the things that have meaning.  Do it for yourself.

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