Portfolio – March, 2017

The last photo in my portfolio (as of September, 2017) is one that I improvised, and will probably recreate in the near future.  During my Spring Break, I decided to bring my ophthalmic lenses with me to experiment with.  And this is what I got.


For those that don’t know, when you look through an extremely convex lens, anything beyond it’s focal point appears inverted.  This is commonly seen in Crystal Ball Photography, where the background is out of focus, but it’s refracted image is in focus and inverted.  I don’t have a crystal ball, but instead I have a $300 ophthalmic grade 20D BIO lens.  Line it up with my camera and a standard full body mirror, and you get this shot.

Like I said, I will most likely redo this shot now that I have a better lens and I understand how to take it.  I can seek out better lighting conditions and make it come out a bit better.  But like other photos in my portfolio, I am most fond of the memories that I associate with this picture.  I think of bad weather, good food and better company.

I remember that time through a very special lens.

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