Portfolio – February, 2017

If you ever decide to go to a beach in February, be sure to be dressed for the temperature. Because the beach is mostly southern-facing, during the winter time, the sun sets over the water (as opposed to slightly behind the boardwalk/buildings).  And because I haven’t done a real “photoshoot” yet, I figured I’d try to do it at one of the most photogenic environments there is.


You can tell so much from someone’s eyes: thoughts, emotions, desires and fears.  And I think this photo captures a bit of it here.  I believe the beauty is that the viewer can draw their own conclusions on the model’s emotions.  To me, she comes off as mischievous; almost as if she is hiding some well kept secrets.  I also like that the photo isn’t overly complicated or busy.  You have a scarf that draws the attention of the viewer towards her eyes, which are the only things in focus here.  If I ever get my hands on a macro lens, I’d love to try this type of shot again.

I’m gonna give all my secrets away.

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