Portfolio – June, 2017

A lot of people go through stages of their life where they’re in transition.  Either you’re between jobs, between relationships, or waiting to go back to school.  It’s an interesting time because you feel like you’re standing still.  The hands on the clock still turn and the sun still rises and sets, but you may feel like you’re not getting anything done.  Especially for someone like myself in their early twenties who is trying their best to figure things out.


During my photoshoot back in the summer, I was in one of those transitions.  I worked a job that kept a small amount of income and kept me busy.  I was waiting to figure out my education.  It wasn’t a pleasant feeling.

This photo reminds me that its alright to be where I am.  Face the horizon and cast aside your concerns.  Yes, you will find a fulfilling job.  Yes, you will find someone that will make you smile every morning.  Yes, you will get through your schooling and graduate.

You are not standing still.

Take a step.

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