I really should invest in some sunscreen.

One of the best things of the new school is the events that they hold for us students.  To get us acclimated to Boston, they organized an “Amazing Race” type scavenger hunt around the city.  (I found about 4 different locations where I want to do photoshoots.  Hopefully more on that later.)  And then the day after, we had Olympics.  Similar to a conventional field day, it involved each class participating in different athletic events to see who was best.  Aside from the events that I participated in, it let me exercise more of my sport photography.


It was an overall great bonding experience, and a lot of great photos came out of it. And as with most posts, I like to put up my favorite pieces.

And as with any other day, after coming home and looking at my photos, I immediately realized I’ve made a mistake.  In an effort to maximize my depth of focus, I crushed the aperture to around f11 – f13.  But what I didn’t realize was that my shutter speed really suffered (1/40 – 1/60th sec) and most of the action shots were just a blurred mess.  In hindsight, I think I shouldn’t have brought my aperture so high, but I feel that if I shot around f5.6 or wider, I would have lost some to focusing errors.  Maybe I should really start delving into full manual instead of relying on aperture priority.

Next time I’m going to put a bit more faith in my gear.

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