A high dynamic range (HDR) photo is done while taking three (or more) photos at different exposures and then combining them to form a composite picture that retains all of the details in the shadows and highlights.  I’ve never attempted to take an HDR photo because it requires the use of a tripod on site and then the software required to compile the images.  Turns out, one of the programs I use to organize my photos has an HDR tool.  So why not give it a shot.


The big thing I noticed is the light artifacts on the highway.  There was something a bit unnatural with the tail lights passing through, and I’m not a big fan of it.  If I ever do another HDR image, I’ll probably go for a subject with less movement.  I doubt I’ll be able to use a tripod in the Boston Public Library, but that would be a great location for it if I could.

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