Might as well spend Labor Day exploring Boston.  Based on some word-of-mouth recommendations and a quick google, I had a few walkable stops that I wanted to visit and photograph before my schedule got a bit too busy.

The architecture in some parts of Boston is nothing like what I have in New York.  Most of the apartment buildings in my area look like they are straight from colonial New England times.  Its definitely a nice change from the towering skyscrapers in the concrete jungle.


Fast forward to the Boston Public Garden, I paid a visit to a statue of our founding father, George Washington.  I also stopped by Beacon Hill/Acorn Street (a really popular photo spot) before making my way back home by walking along the Charles River.


After staying in Boston for a couple of days, I’ve also fallen back in love with Hamilton lyrics (I have a lot more down time while exploring and commuting).  This is a new chapter in my life where I have to get things right this time around.

I am not throwing away my shot.

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