Portfolio – May, 2017

It finally was the night before my big final.  I prepared myself as best I could for the last few days, but for the night before the test, I decided to stay at a hotel in the city so I can avoid my commute home as well as the commute to school early the next morning.  Long story short, it was worth the money and effort to book the room in order to stay focused.

Pod 51 (located on 51st Street as per it’s name) was where I decided to stay.  It was quiet, small and tidy, which was all that I needed for the quick stay.  It also had a roof that could be accessed before 11 pm, which I planned to take full advantage of.  At around 10:30 the night before, I climbed to the roof the building and set up my to take a couple of shots at varying exposures.  Unfortunately, I still have no idea how to make a nice HDR image, so I took the least blurred shot and improvised.

City that Never Sleeps

It’s strange how I really love the photos I take when I am deeply stressed.  I like to think that I’m particularly fond of the work that I make when I’m overly emotional.  The picture may not be extremely sophisticated or original, but it conveys the message that I am trying to tell.  And this was no exception.

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