Story Time: A few weeks ago Youtube’s Mango Street posted a video on How to Shoot and Edit Like Brandon Woelfel.  For those of you who don’t know, Brandon is a NY based photographer who is Instagram famous for his use of fairy lights, bokeh, and soft cotton candy tones.  As the video was my first introduction to Brandon’s work, I really loved his aesthetic and thought I’d try it out for myself.  One Amazon order later and a few weeks of procrastination, and Jill and I were finally able to have this shoot.

It is really hard to get decent shots in low light.  My first mistake was missing blue hour, so everything was just naturally dark.  Second mistake was not using another source of light.  Most of the shots came off with harsh shadows or were so underexposed that they couldn’t be saved.  But when the shot was good, it was perfect.



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