PortfolioFebruary, 2017

My commute to school was once an hour and a half door to door from my home to school.  On paper, that doesn’t seem that bad, but when I used to do it for months on end, it became more and more taxing.  Especially when I would have to make it for 15-20 days straight.

With snow on the ground and my camera in hand, I forgot why I was going into the city on that particular day.  I think there was an ice carving festival happening in Central Park, but I don’t really remember otherwise.  I just know that if I was going into the city, it meant that I needed to get work done that morning before I ventured out to get some shooting done.

Rush Hour

This long exposure was shot at that morning while I was waiting for my train to come.   Despite the title, this shot was taken nowhere near rush hour. At the moment, I didn’t think I’d like this picture or this composition.  I just wanted to see if I could shoot a long exposure while hand-holding my camera.  In post, a quick crop and a black and white color change really set the mood for what I wanted:  busy and uneasy.

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