Flashback — April, 2017 — One of the unfortunate things about growing older is that you rarely have the time to do things you enjoy.  For me, the biggest thing was letting go of organized ultimate.  But being in my early 20’s, I’ve come to accept that I still have time to be active and play the game if I can find the opportunity for it.  Cue the 2nd Annual Barnyard Scramble.

Ever since I’ve graduated, my alma mater’s ultimate team has been growing almost exponentially with talent and growth.  And of the biggest thing that has been going on involves one of their new initiatives that they implemented last year: greater alumni outreach.  And the best way to incorporate us older folk is to host their annual spring tournament and invite the alumni to come play.


This year we played a total of 6(?) games, sometimes during moderate rainfall, over the course of about 7 hours.  It wasn’t as painful as I’d expect it to be, nor as difficult.  I met some older alumni for the first time, some of which I’ve only ever known about in stories passed down from year to year.  But after attending this tournament, I’ve come to the realization that all of these strangers came and played the same sport together.  We’ve walked the same paths, thrown the same discs, and maybe even driven the same roads.  And now its not just the same sport that brings us back together again, but the family and the connections we’ve made in the process.


All smiles at the end of the day


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