One of the perks of going on vacation early is spending a day on the beach not playing ultimate where we can enjoy the sand and water properly.  And its also a time to break out Spikeball.

Spikeball is played similarly to two on two volleyball where each team can touch the ball up to three times before it has to bounce on the center net.  Then the other team has up to three touches, so on and so forth.

For me it was a time try my hand at sports photography again.  Luckily with Spikeball, all the players are remotely still (they’re not running up and down a field) and condensed.  And funnily enough, it looks like players are levitating the ball with the palm of their hand.


Wildwood Master Guide

  1. Watch the Tram Car Please!
  2. A Silent Sunrise
  3. Spikeball!
  4. Mud Flood
  5. Saturday Night Lights
  6. Sun Dazed Sunday

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