WW – Watch the Tram Car Please!

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Vacation!  One of the reasons why I decided to upgrade my kit was because I wanted to bring it on this trip and shoot.  For the weekend, we play on Saturday and Sunday, but for the last two years, we’ve arrived at our motel on Thursday, so we can relax and enjoy the town before we overexert ourselves on an ultimate field.  More on that later.

All in all, it was a relaxing and dry first day with a walk out on the boardwalk for a late lunch at a diner, followed by overpriced ice cream.




The tank top says it all


Hermit crabs chillin’

This was my first real shoot with my new walk-around lens, the Sigma 17-50mm.  And personally, I loved it.

Wildwood Master Guide

  1. Watch the Tram Car Please!
  2. A Silent Sunrise
  3. Spikeball!
  4. Mud Flood
  5. Saturday Night Lights
  6. Sun Dazed Sunday

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