Flashback — March, 2017 — One of the best ways you can bond with new people is to spend an extended amount of time with them in enclosed spaces.  I.e. get a house with 5 of your friends and live together for a few days.


Although the title of the post is “Spring Break”, there was nothing spring-like when it came to April weather in New York.  There even was threat of a snowstorm on one of the nights we were there.  Luckily we were only hit with a lot of rain and wind, and a bunch of clouds.  So we did a LOT of cooking — it helps when 4 out of 6 members of the house can cook.


I also asked my friends to bring one nice outfit, so we can do a small photo shoot.  I had no special lighting set ups, just overhead Phillips Smart Lights, a wide glass and a waist-high fireplace.  So I just went with it.


Oh, and we finished a 1000 piece puzzle while we were there.  Nothing interesting about it photography-wise.  I’m just proud that we did it.


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