Adventure Park, City, and an Update

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Got to love summer birthdays.

To celebrate yet another birthday, a group of us tackled a zipline course.  Personally, I live for these types of challenges.  I don’t do too well on free climbing, but if I have a harness on, I love tackling “Project Adventure” type obstacles.


Fast forward to the next day, I made my last venture into NYC that I plan on doing for a long while.  And while I was there, I tried using my new 77D with my Sigma 17-50mm as I walked around some familiar sites:


Update — this week is the busiest and probably the most important week of my summer.  I spend the first half of it traveling to Boston, for a reason I will write about later.  And then I have the annual Wildwood Beach Ultimate tournament this weekend in New Jersey.  Posts and pictures of those will be made later!

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